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KeyKey is a minimalist touch typing tutor for Mac. It is suitable for beginners, who want to learn basic touch typing skills, as well as for advanced users, who want to learn alternative layouts like COLEMAK or DVORAK.

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Verison 2.9 is out. What's new?

Fast Results

Touch typing is not about keys arrangement, as might appear at first sight. It is about working-out of muscle memory when fingers remember micromotions that are unique for each language.

Letter combinations “the”, “eat”, “ate”, “too” are the examples of natural micro motions for index fingers. We call these letter combinations “accords”.   


Letters form letter combinations that are met in other words;

Training starts with the most frequently used letters from your native language;

After the first lesson, you are able to apply your skills in a typical typesetting. 

Better than Ordinary Texts

KeyKey learning algorithm works on the basis of the data resulting from the text analysis of thousands of books and articles. The type trainer knows the most popular letters, letter combinations and words from your native language and employs them for lessons generating. It is easier to learn to type in KeyKey, than by means of an ordinary text. 

Automatic Training Mode

Training line gets automatically adjusted to your touch typing level by default. As soon as you type the letters from Lesson 1 correctly, Lesson 2 will activate and so forth. And the other way round: mistakes in a certain letter will increase the rate of its involvement in the current lesson. Due to this fact, you are focused on studying letters that are the toughest on you.

Expert Level

Each of the six KeyKey typing lessons is focused on certain typesetting of letters. As soon as you pass these lessons, Expert Level will become available.

Expert Level has a natural letters distribution and consists of the most widely-spread words of the language of study. It is comparable to the typesetting of an ordinary text, but with a focus on popular words.

Other Typing Tutors

Common tutors work differently, they make you pass pointless lessons with letter combinations that are not used in real life. This is how a typical line at standard tutors looks like:   


Meaningless letter combination that are not used for real typesetting;

Immersive training occurs only at final lessons when complete words appear.    

Keep Track of Your Progress

Statistics will help you to monitor speed records and errors that are made during each lesson. The total unbiased rate of touch typing is displayed with the final “Expert” lesson.

Statistics shows the results of all approaches and records for each of the attempts passed

Virtual Keyboard

Statistics will help you to monitor speed records and errors that are made during each typing attempt. The total unbiased rate of touch typing is displayed with the final “Expert” lesson.

Lessons in your native language

Type trainer algorithm functions on the basis of your native language. With this aim in view, we analyze hundreds of articles and books in various directions: IT, economics, politics, fiction. Then we manually test work results of the algorithm on various layouts. All this is time-consuming; therefore, support of new languages appears gradually.

The current version of KeyKey supports these languages and layouts:

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Full-featured keyboard tutor is offered at a price affordable to all. You can buy it at the App Store or try it for free for 7 days on Setapp.

Download KeyKey on the Mac App StoreTry KeyKey for free on the Setapp

I purchased this app over a year a go. It was great when I purchased it & since then its gotten better and better. I feel like this is a model development team. They consistently release meaningful updates and have greatly improved its UI and functionality. 

Its obvious these developers care about their product and the people that use it. I recommend it to anyone whos interested in expanding their typing skills.


App Store USA — ★★★★★

I wanted to brush up on my touch typing in preperation for my future in screenwriting. So far, I’m not the best in the world, but I am miles ahead of where I was. 

Also, I was a bit jarred when I found some profanity in the pool of words, but that has been removed in the latest update. Really love the fact that the developers support this app gets with the frequent updates. Kudos!


App Store South A. — ★★★★★

I had typing at school and I really like tranning time to time.
I was looking for some thing pretty easy plus gorgeous with simple genuin design. 

Well if is something easy and pretty plus doing what should be, its definitelly deserves 4 stars. Good for beginners and interme folks.


App Store Switzerland — ★★★★

Simple but very effective app! Nice aesthetic and sleek design! + Fantastic customer support! Thumbs up!

Zed Hicks

App Store Canada — ★★★★★

I wish I had an app like KeyKey Typing Tutor when I learned to type twenty years ago. Now I’m using it to try to rewire my brain into understanding some other keyboard layouts.


App Store Germany — ★★★★★

Very useful app. Beautiful UI, quick results.


App Store Ukraine — ★★★★★


How can I switch from Lesson 1 to Lesson 2?

In order to unblock Lesson 2, it is necessary to complete Lesson 1 accurately. The same goes for the other lessons. In manual mode, it is possible to switch over lessons unrestricted.

How can I get all ★★★ for a completed lesson?

Each 50 symbols per minute or 10 words provide you with a half of the star. In other words, to collect all three starts, it is important to type a line correctly at a rate of 300 symbols or 60 words per minute and higher.  

Why do phantom errors occur? 

It's more than likely that Punto Switcher is installed in a system and it tries to change the text in its own way. Add KeyKey to exceptions in Punto Switcher’s settings, and errors will disappear. Similar errors can take place because of any other autocorrecting programs. 

Why don’t records for symbols, numbers and punctuation get updated?  

Records for symbols, numbers and punctuation occur only in case they are studied in combination with Expert Level, and only after you pass it without a single mistake.  

How long should I train to start touch typing? 

In order to master touch typing skills, you will need 8-16 hours of training that can be uniformly distributed within the period of a month per 15-20 minutes. If you start training systematically, you will likely master touch typing for a couple of weeks.   


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